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Is substance-use or alcohol and drug addiction having a detrimental affect on your family?

If substance-use is, our alcohol and drug addiction intervention programs can help solve these problems. Read more to learn how we can help.

We know all too well how substance-use or alcohol and drug addiction can spiral out of control

Substance-use can leave a family confused and substance-use intervention road signfrustrated. Pacific Interventions believes bringing in professional help to provide the needed support in healing. The intervention professional you choose is going to make a big difference.

There are 2 basic types of intervention approaches. Confrontational and Non-Confrontational. Most intervention professionals will use a confrontational approach. This confrontational approach may be appropriate in extreme circumstances. Especially when someone’s life is in serious risk due to their substance-use. For a lot of individuals the confrontational approach just doesn’t work. You might get the individual into treatment angry and bitter and don’t engage because of the way they’ve been forced into participating. So the treatment process ends up being unsuccessful.

CRAFT is a non-confrontational approach to substance-use

Our non-confrontational approach is based in Community Reinforcement and Family Training, or CRAFT. This non-confrontational approach to substance-use has the best success in getting people into treatment. This allows them to participate in a program with a much needed level of willingness and acceptance. Please note, non-confrontational doesn’t mean we take a passive approach. It means how we address it is more likely to produce the results we want. That result is getting your loved one treatment for addiction.

Risk of substance-use is something that an addicted individual has to deal with for the rest of their lives

The Community Reinforcement and Family Training process is beneficial in many ways. It educates the family on how to interact with the addicted individual now and in the future. Risk of substance-use is something that an addicted individual has to deal with for the rest of their lives, and so will the family. The CRAFT training will empower the family to start helping now and in the years to come.

Often times a combination of intervention approaches is required. No intervention is the same so each one requires a unique and specifically tailored approach to the circumstances of that individual and family. Our skills, training and many years of experience allow us to customize the most effective way to guide the individual to accepting help, and move everyone towards healing and wellness.

Addiction is a powerful physical and psychological force. Without proper help addiction will continue to progress and cause devastating consequence for everyone in contact with it.

Pacific Interventions will be there to guide you through the entire process

Sourcing the best addiction treatment option can be a very complex task. We help make this a much less challenging endeavour and provide the best treatment option for your loved one and we take into consideration all of the needs of the addicted individual and the family.
From start to finish we are there to guide you through the entire process. You are not alone. There is help available so call now and let us help bring balance back into your life.


It can be extremely difficult to approach a loved one about their substance use problem. A professional structured alcohol & drug addiction intervention allows the family to take a proactive role in helping the addicted individual. This assertive act of love, compassion and guidance leads the addicted person to accept the help offered and embrace the path of drug addiction treatment and ultimately a life of recovery, while at the same time restoring the balance and stability in the family.
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Client Testimonials
We can’t thank Jeff Norell, owner of Pacific Interventions enough for stepping in to save our daughter from a life time of addiction.  It’s still early days in her recovery but due to Jeff’s timely efforts and extensive knowledge she wouldn’t be where she is today…approaching the light at the end of the tunnel.  She’s now in a safe environment surrounded by competent, caring social workers, doctors and counsellors.  Jeff’s advice reflects his vast experiences, empathy for all involved and professionalism.  If you and your loved ones are trapped in the addiction nightmare, the best advice we can give you is contact Jeff immediately.

Andrea D. Surrey BC.A letter of thanks ...read more ...

Client Testimonials
I want to leave feedback from our experience with Jeffery Norell and Pacific Interventions, who helped us out of a potentially bleak outcome.

Up until last year, my stepson was heading down a road of addiction that was very quickly hurtling toward self-destruction. We had months of worry and stress and trying to figure out what to do. Finally, my husband Peter

Antonella and PeterGetting our stepson into treatmentread more ...

Client Testimonials
So often when you are immersed in the turmoil of addiction of a loved one, you cannot see a way out nor when looking in to their life, you cannot make sense of it. Even the thought of an “outside force” such as a professional interventionist, having an influence seems like a waste of time.  You think, my addicted person will never sit still through an intervention, let alone take the help that is being offered afterward.   The worry that an ultimatum has to come with the intervention is heartbreaking, will the addicted person hate us forever? This is how my wife and I were feeling. I spoke to one professional and she told me “don’t try an intervention, it just won’t work”!  I was

Mike D. Surrey BC.Jeff had come highly recommendedread more ...