5 Benefits to Hiring an Interventionist, and why you should. The decision to have an intervention is not an easy one for most families to make. A family may take months or years to decide to get help for an addicted loved one. It’s possible for this process to divide families, leading to frustration and […]

When enlisting the services of an interventionist, you want to know if the tools applied are going to work. This is an emotional time for everyone involved, and you may have passing thoughts that it’s a waste of time, money, and energy to go through the whole process of an intervention just to have it […]

Substance abuse is not always apparent, especially in the early stages. So how are you to tell if you’re curiosity about a loved one’s potential drug or alcohol is just a recreational habit, or something more dangerous? There are different levels of substance dependencies; the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has said […]

If you’re considering hosting an intervention for a loved one with a substance abuse problem, chances are you and your family have already undergone a series of emotional setbacks.   There is nothing easy about having a loved one with an addiction, even if you choose not to engage with them because of their hurtful […]

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You know that a loved one has a substance abuse problem, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve hit rock bottom yet. That’s when you’re supposed to hold an intervention, right? Not necessarily. There is not right or wrong time to hold an intervention, which can make the decision to host one a little tricky. Every […]

Currently the 12 Step program is the most widely used model for addiction and recovery. The 12 step model is utilized by most treatment facilities, detoxes and community based support networks such as Narcotic Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. Although a 12 Step program may appear easy to navigate, it can prove challenging for many in […]