Aftercare bridges the gap between treatment and independence

There is a significant gap between post treatment and independence. This leaves the individual in a vulnerable position with limited resources and limited understanding of how to build a life of sobriety.

The type and quality of aftercare the recovering addict receives will play a major role in whether or not the individual remains sober.

It is our mission to provide every individual with the right aftercare approach that will allow for the greatest chance of success.

  • Relapse Prevention

    Relapse is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the ability to manage one’s recovery is a necessary part of the process. Continued counselling and attending programs are vital to the prevention of falling back into the cycle of abusing drugs and alcohol. The goal of Pacific is to provide the much needed support to help avoid relapsing and continue a life free from addiction.

  • Family Help and Education

    Aftercare programs are designed not only to help the individual, but also to provide education and support for the family members as well. The team at Pacific provides constant support and feedback for all involved. Therefore, referrals for family members are often made to community based recourses such as Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, or alternative strategies such as the CRAFT (Community Reinforcement And Family Training) approach. Addiction causes instability, therefore there needs to be a precise path to re-establish stability within the family.

  • An Open Conversation

    After a recovering addict returns from treatment there will be many questions and concerns. New habits, coping mechanisms and re-building relationships will be at the forefront. We strive to ensure a safe environment for all those who have concerns with this process, and provide a platform for them to be expressed.  Recovery is a long process, communication and support will play a huge role in the aftercare process.

  • Recovery Program Options

    Everyone goes through the healing process differently, Pacific offers many different recovery paths, depending on the individual. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery are just a few.  With our customized approach we identify the specific needs of the individual for his/her recovery. These programs allow for guidance, structure and accountability in one’s recovery, and each of them has something different to offer. These programs give the recovering addict an opportunity to connect with large therapeutic communities and peer support.

  • Post Treatment Transition

    Transition from an inpatient facility to re-integrating back into society is a daunting task, our team provides different options of transitional residences, allowing individuals to gradually re-build their life. Living with others that have gone through similar experiences allows the individual to have continued support and illuminates that they are not alone.

  • Bridging the Gap

    There are many underlying factors which cause addiction, Pacific recognizes that there needs to be a bridge between mental health and addiction.  We want the individual to succeed after their initial entry into recovery, our aftercare programs and Recovery Coaching, are aimed to ensure all aspects of the individual’s health are considered. The best possible aftercare outcome is through working with not only Pacific but other health care and recovery professionals.

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Client Testimonials
We can’t thank Jeff Norell, owner of Pacific Interventions enough for stepping in to save our daughter from a life time of addiction.  It’s still early days in her recovery but due to Jeff’s timely efforts and extensive knowledge she wouldn’t be where she is today…approaching the light at the end of the tunnel.  She’s now in a safe environment surrounded by competent, caring social workers, doctors and counsellors.  Jeff’s advice reflects his vast experiences, empathy for all involved and professionalism.  If you and your loved ones are trapped in the addiction nightmare, the best advice we can give you is contact Jeff immediately.

Andrea D. Surrey BC.A letter of thanks more ...

Client Testimonials
I want to leave feedback from our experience with Jeffery Norell and Pacific Interventions, who helped us out of a potentially bleak outcome.

Up until last year, my stepson was heading down a road of addiction that was very quickly hurtling toward self-destruction. We had months of worry and stress and trying to figure out what to do. Finally, my husband Peter

Antonella and PeterGetting our stepson into treatmentread more ...

Client Testimonials
So often when you are immersed in the turmoil of addiction of a loved one, you cannot see a way out nor when looking in to their life, you cannot make sense of it. Even the thought of an “outside force” such as a professional interventionist, having an influence seems like a waste of time.  You think, my addicted person will never sit still through an intervention, let alone take the help that is being offered afterward.   The worry that an ultimatum has to come with the intervention is heartbreaking, will the addicted person hate us forever? This is how my wife and I were feeling. I spoke to one professional and she told me “don’t try an intervention, it just won’t work”!  I was

Mike D. Surrey BC.Jeff had come highly recommendedread more ...