Addiction in the workplace?

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) reported in a 2002 study that drug addiction in the workplace cost Canadian companies over $24.3 Billion in lost productivity.


How much did your company contribute?

Substance Abuse Workplace Solutions

Work directly with your management we’ll devise a specifically tailored Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Human Resources (HR) policy to address alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace. Having effective HR policies and an EAP in place gives the employee an opportunity to get the help they need, while allowing the employer to fulfill their legal duty to accommodate their personnel that have a medically recognized illness. These programs are proven to save company’s money by avoiding on the job injuries, absenteeism, lost productivity and lawsuits. Conversely, the company retains its valued employees and maintains a safe and productive workplace.

An HR Policy and EAP not only addresses any current concerns, but it also focuses on education and prevention to quickly identify and manage all future situations that may arise. Educating your entire staff will mitigate the personal human cost of addiction and substance abuse. While the prevention aspect of the program will support company moral, minimize productivity losses and maintain a safe workplace environment. Drawing from our knowledge and experience we can ensure that both the employees and the overall company are protected from the adverse effects of alcohol or drug abuse in the workplace. Contact us to set up an appointment and start protecting your company today.

The true cost of substance abuse at work

It’s more than you think. We can help.

  • Prevention & Education

    Pacific provides seminars and workshops designed to educate management and staff about the signs of addiction, early detection, and prevention. These programs are designed to confront the stigma of addiction and make an employee struggling with the illness more comfortable in addressing their condition. Additional specific training is provided to educate your Human Resources staff on how to manage addiction related issues. These training, education and prevention programs will provide your company with practical strategies to unite the organization against the adverse affects of addiction.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Pacific offers a Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to oversee all of your company’s requirements as it relates to addiction intervention, treatment, and monitoring. We’ll manage all of the necessary arrangements on your behalf. This service will provide your company with an immediate response to any addiction related Human Resources’ requirement.

    Does your company have an existing H.R. policy for supporting employees with an addiction related illness? Pacific will work closely with your H.R. department and management team to build a custom HR policy that protects both the individual and the company for addiction related losses. The BC Employment Standards Act and BC Human Rights Clinic mandate employers to have the necessary resources available to support employees with an illness. Our knowledge and experience in navigating the complexities of the Human Rights and Employees Standards Acts will ensure your company’s HR policy is in compliance with these laws.

    With these safeguards in place the health and safety of your company are protected.

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